Welcome to the Autel Robotics Firmware Beta Program

This is an open Beta program.  Participation in this open Beta is voluntary.  Participation in the program is no guarantee that future participation will be offered.  There is no rewards or payment associated with participation in the Beta program.


  1. If a firmware bug or other product failure results in damage to the EVO the user should contact Autel Robotics support and report details on the failure. 
  2. Users shall be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In the event that any personal injury and/or property damage/loss occurs during flight, the user shall bear full responsibility and make relevant compensation.
  3. As the firmware is in beta release users should not use the beta firmware for commercial purposes. Autel Robotics cannot be held responsible for any losses, direct or indirect as a result of using beta firmware. 
  4. Autel Robotics reserves the right to exclude or remove any user from the beta test for any reason. Autel Robotics also reserves the right of interpretation for all test rules, policies, etc.
  5. Once updated to the Beta firmware you will NOT be able to revert back to the previous firmware version.

Terms of responsibility and liability:

By using the components/UAV covered by this declaration, the signee agrees to the following terms of responsibility:

  • The user understands that the component/drone covered by this agreement have not been fully developed and may cause unknown problems or defects. The user agrees to accept all damage and risk and will hold Autel Robotics and its companies harmless.
  • Any risk in the use of Autel Robotics component/drone, and the consequences from illegal or non-normal use, the user released all responsibility from the Autel Robotics /dealers, including but not limited to any personal injury, compensation liability, direct or indirect property damage. If Autel Robotics is required by law to be held responsible, the upper limit of the liability is limited to the amount of purchase component/UAV.