How do I update the firmware?

Software 2021-08-11
How do I update the firmware?

Method 1:

1. Place the microSD card inserted into your EVO II RTK unit into your Mac or PC and download the latest firmware file from our official website.

2. Paste the firmware file onto your microSD card and then insert the microSD card back into your EVO II RTK unit.

3. Power on the Smart Controller, then aircraft. You can now follow the update progress via the screen on your Smart Controller.

4. Once the update is complete, reboot your Smart Controller and aircraft.

Method 2:

1. Before upgrading, please make sure that the aircraft, ground station, and base station are all turned on and that linking is successful.

2. When the ground station is connected to the network, if the firmware needs to be upgraded, the ground station will automatically detect the new firmware and prompt the user to download; after completing the download as prompted, click "Upgrade" and wait for the operation page to prompt "Firmware Upgrade Complete".

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