Autel Robotics USA launches online store with drones, accessories, and parts


Autel Robotics announced today that it has launched its own eCommerce store at shop.autelrobotics.com. Customers are now able to purchase the X‑Star drones, accessories, and parts directly from the manufacturer. The company’s customer support promise will be an integral part of the online store experience.

“We’re excited to launch our official store at autelrobotics.com and to bring our best-in-class customer support experience to the purchase process,” Autel Robotics USA Vice President Elana Fishman said. “With unparalleled selection and the ability to talk with a customer support representative at any point during the purchase process, we believe the [online store] will be a great way for customers to purchase our drones.”

The company will continue to support its network of retail partners, as well as products purchased through other channels.

“No matter where customers purchase their Autel Robotics drone, whether from our store or from one of our authorized retail partners, they’ll love the peace of mind that comes from our industry-leading customer support that’s setting a new standard for the drone industry,” Fishman said.

The Autel Robotics online store will offer free shipping for all orders over $29, and it will ship to any location in the U.S. and Canada. Some items, like many of the replacement parts for the X‑Star drones, will be Autel Robotics store-exclusive. The Rugged Bundle, first announced at the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo will also be available through the online store.

Autel Robotics USA is an emerging technology company based in Bothell, Washington. With seven-days-a-week, U.S.-based customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best-possible experience. For more information on Autel Robotics USA, please visit https://www.autelrobotics.com, and sign up for the newsletter!