Enhancing Home Inspections with Drones

Home inspectors rely on visual cues to determine the short- and long-term implications of defects in a property. Because drones provide unique aerial perspectives and the ability to conduct quick, safe, and thorough inspections, they’ve become a popular tool for home inspection.

One of the key benefits drones provide is increased visibility of the roof. Icy conditions, a steep pitch, or a rooftop that is too high or otherwise inaccessible are just a few challenges that make it difficult to conduct a detailed assessment of the roof. Replacing a roof is among the most expensive property updates with costs that can reach up to $30,000, so it’s especially important to homeowners and prospective buyers that analysis of the roof is accurate.

Drones can bypass unfavorable rooftop conditions and provide the inspector with the video and photographic assets needed to document the property and write a thorough report.

We recently connected with Breton Woodford of AmeriSpec Inspection Services in Orange County, California, who uses an X‑Star Premium as part of his home inspections. Check out the video below to see exactly how drones are being used to complete safe and thorough inspections.