Share Your Vision Contest Winners Announced

We recently held a drone photography and videography contest called Share Your Vision. The purpose of the contest was to showcase the unique talent of our X‑Star pilot community. We received hundreds of submissions from X‑Star pilots that reside in more than 30 states across the US. We were blown away by the quality of each entry and amazed to see that aerial imagery was captured by X‑Star pilots in 11 different countries around the globe.

Our creative team spent hours reviewing the entries. We then identified 30 finalists and sent them out for a company-wide vote.

Congratulations to the winners!

Drone Photography Winners

First Place
Submitted by: Frank O.
Location: Battleground, IN
Prize: $500 gift card

Share your vision - Photo - first place


Second Place (tie)
Submitted by: David E.
Location: Monitor Pass, CA
Prize: $200 gift card

Share your vision - photo - Second place 1.0


Second Place (tie)
Submitted by: Eric K.
Location: Bellevue, WA
Prize: $200 gift card

Share your vision - Photo - Second place 2

Drone Videography Winners

First Place
Submitted by: Amanda T.
Location: Iceland
Prize: $1,000 gift card

Continue to submit your drone photos and videos

We have no doubt that you’ll continue to produce incredible photos and video footage with your X‑Star, and we’d love to see them! You can always submit new photos and videos you take with your X‑Star to us using this form. We’ve recently launched a weekly video series, “Droning Around the World,” that highlights video from our X‑Star users. Your work might be featured there!

As always, keep an eye on our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) and our email newsletters for our latest updates.