This Is The World’s First Drone-Woven Sculpture, And It’s Beautiful

Autel Robotics teamed up with Sabin Design Lab at Cornell University and MEDstudio@Jeff at Thomas Jefferson University to create the world’s first drone-woven sculpture, The Beacon. Using custom-designed spool modules, two Autel Robotics X‑Star Premiums wove photo-luminescent micro cord around the 20-foot-tall structure over the course of 10 days.

The Beacon was woven and presented at DesignPhiladelphia 2016 and was created to spark innovation in art and science.

“The main mission of The Beacon is to inspire new discussions, connections around topics that integrate architecture, emerging technologies, design, and where we’re headed in the future,” Sabin Design Lab Director Jenny Sabin said.

Sabin Design Lab is part of Cornell Architecture Art Planning and focuses on where architecture and science intersect. MEDstudio@Jeff is housed at Thomas Jefferson University and focuses on design in medicine and healthcare.

The Autel Robotics X‑Star Premium is a 4K Ultra HD camera drone, available for sale through the Autel Robotics online store.