Tiffen® and Autel Robotics™ Release Aerial Filter Kit  



Hauppauge, New York, Jan. 2, 2017 – Tiffen Filters, a brand of The Tiffen Company, has been selected by Autel Robotics to produce a co-branded kit of aerial camera filters. The filter kit is designed specifically for the Autel Robotics X-STAR™ and Autel Robotics X-STAR PREMIUM drones, will feature a Neutral Density 4 (2 stop), Neutral Density 8 (3 stop), Neutral Density 16 (4 stop) and Polarizing filter. Product release is set for later this week.

Tiffen / Autel Robotics Aerial Filter Kit Specifications

ND 4

  • Reduces shutter speed by 2 stops
  • Provides better control in conditions with decreasing light, such as dusk or dawn
  • Enhances overall image quality by reducing excess vibration

ND 8

  • Reduces shutter speed by 3 stops
  • Provides better control in cloudy conditions
  • Enhances overall image quality by reducing excess vibration

ND 16

  • Reduces shutter speed by 4 stops
  • Provides better control in bright and partly cloudy conditions
  • Enhances overall image quality by reducing excess vibration


  • Adds contrast to blue skies
  • Reduces glare from reflective surfaces such as water and tall buildings
  • Can be used in a multitude of daytime weather conditions

“Tiffen is the most trusted brand for filters in Hollywood and for photographers around the world, so it was a natural fit to ask them to partner with us to make these new filters for the X‑Star,” Autel Robotics USA CEO Steve McIrvin said. “I’ve personally used their products on my DSLR lenses for years, so I’m very excited to now use them on my drone.”

“We are proud to be manufacturing an aerial filter kit with Autel Robotics. This filter kit features an array of our award-winning filters, and will give drone operators the tools needed to take their in-flight content creation to the next level,” Steve Tiffen, President/CEO of The Tiffen Company, said.

The Tiffen Aerial Filter Kit is available for purchase on the Autel Robotics Store.

About Tiffen 
Tiffen is a leading manufacturer of imaging accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries, including: Tiffen optical photographic filters and lens accessories; Steadicam camera stabilizing systems; Lowel location lighting equipment; Domke camera bags and Zing camera covers; Dfx digital effects software; Listec teleprompters; Davis & Sanford tripods and support systems; and Stroboframe flash brackets.

For more information on Tiffen, please visit http://www.tiffen.com.

Tiffen is a registered trademark of The Tiffen Company. Tiffen Filters is a registered trademark of The Tiffen Company.

About Autel Robotics USA

Autel Robotics USA is an emerging technology company based in Bothell, Washington. With 7-days-a-week customer support, the company is dedicated to providing users with the best-possible experience.

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