X-STAR Firmware 2.0.12 Release Notes


This firmware package V2.0.12 contains following component updates:

Flight ControlV2.00.38
RepeaterV1.01.50 (WiFi: V2.0.23)
Remote ControllerV1.0.1.5
Optical FlowV0.6.8.0

What’s New:

  1. Optimized flight control algorithm. Improved response speed. Shorter braking distance. Faster max descending speed
  2. Fixed YAW issue. YAW sensitivity adjustment EXP is now available
  3. Optimized compass algorithm. Fixed crash issue caused by magnetic interference/compass abnormal
  4. The compass only needs one good calibration after an update and no re-calibration needed (Compass calibration must be performed outdoor with strong GPS signals)
  5. Enabled outdoor Starpoint function. Soft-landing will kick in while landing
  6. No more IMU warm-up time
  7. Auto-takeoff altitude changed to 1.5m
  8. 99 waypoints
  9. Digital zoom is available
  10. Pause works in autonomous modes. Pressing the pause button again will resume the previous action
  11. Motors won’t start in IOC mode
  12. Improved battery self-discharging control based on temperature
  13. Optimized power drop prevention for long-stored battery
  14. Added time-based protection for auto-takeoff
  15. Waypoint altitude adjustment: change evenly between 2 points
  16. Added altitude protection feature during flight if the Starpoint is blocked
  17. Bug fixes.


  1. Make sure you power off both the aircraft and the remote controller to complete the update after the LCD indicates that each update was successful. Power back on and you are ready to fly.
  2. Make sure you re-calibrate the compass before your first flight after the new firmware update.
  3. Once the update is complete if any part of the update fails, power off the aircraft and remote controller and follow the same instruction provided on our website to retry the firmware update. https://www.autelrobotics.com/support/update-firmware/
  4. Please note that various settings might be reset to factory defaults after a firmware update. Readjust your preferred settings after the update to suit your needs.