Explore More with X‑Star Premium and

Autel Robotics is proud to introduce the only integrated aerial solution for fully leveraging the power of FLIR Duo.

With the X‑Star Premium drone and the FLIR Duo or FLIR Duo R modules, it’s easy to capture actionable thermal data in minutes. Control in-flight camera settings, view real-time video, and more.

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Affordable Drone Thermal Imaging

Dual-sensor thermal and visible light color imaging in a compact action camera form factor.

On-Board Recording

Records digital thermal and 1080p color video and stillls to an on-board microSD card.

Radiometric Duo R

Delivers accurate, calibrated non-contact temperature measurements in every pixel.


The FLIR Duo captures two images: a thermal reading and a standard, visual image. Switch between the two, see them side-by-side, or view a blended, highly-detailed thermal image. The FLIR Duo R even captures temperature readings by pixel color variation.

Thermal Image
Thermal Image
Visual Image
Visual Image
MSX Blended Image
MSX Blended Image

Customer Support

Each X‑Star comes backed by Autel Robotics’s 7-day-a-week customer support. Our U.S.-based team looks forward to assisting you with any questions you have about your X‑Star, from getting started to troubleshooting.

This product cannot be sold to military end-users outside of the US or shipped to embargoed nations. We will cancel or verify all orders that appear to be connected to military customers outside the U.S.