Autel Robotics User Data Security Protection Statement

At Autel Robotics, We recognize that with the advent of advanced technology and devices, users are concerned with data security and privacy protection. Autel Robotics provides a number of tools and protection measures for industry application customers to ensure data security, in terms of drone activation, data transmission, multimedia storage, upgrade maintenance and cloud storage. We use technology to improve business efficiency and create value to our customers and take data security seriously.

User Data Protections

Without the authorization and consent of the user, Autel Robotics will not access any user data, and has taken practicable technical security and organizational measures to do so:

User has permission to grant and close the personally identifiable and sensitive information (such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers, etc.), This information is protected by AES-256 encryption algorithm* and stored in AWS data centers,through a multi-layer data security protection mechanism to ensure user privacy and data security.

Aircraft log information (app version, firmware version, flight trajectory, etc.) is stored locally. Only with the authorization and consent by user, it can be used for Autel After-Sales Service

When providing service, our server only identifies equipment and application information related to the aircraft and remote control. We do not access any user data during this process.

*AES-256 encryption algorithm is currently recognized as the safest symmetric encryption algorithm. Its key length is 256 bits, and is widely used to protect sensitive data, such as financial transactions and medical records.

Data Transmission

We use a variety of encryption algorithms to encrypt and store user data, including:

The image and data transmission links between the drone and remote control are respectively protected by AES-256 and AES-128 encryption algorithms.

Autel Explorer App uses HTTPS* protocol to transmit data between the server and app, and security technologies such as SSL/TLS are used to encrypt the transmission channel.

*HTTPS is a widely used secure communication protocol, which has been recognized by multiple institutions and standards organizations, and has a high level of authority in data security. It encrypts data by using TLS/SSL protocol to ensure the security of data during transmission.

Media Storage Security

The Media Files (in SD card) support onboard storage passwords and are also encrypted with AES256. When the encryption function is enabled, only the user has access rights to onboard storage data, Autel Robotics cannot obtain this password.

Erasable Data Upon Request

We offer methods to clear data and delete accounts, which will remove any data generated while using the device:

You can delete your account through the Autel Explorer App, and erase all the data associated with the account, as well as logs and caches on the app itself.

After the account is deleted, the logs and other information on server will be automatically deleted.

You can restore the factory settings of the device through the system settings on the device.


The device supports registration-free upgrades and account login-free upgrades (network-free offline upgrades).

Photos and videos saved in the remote control will not be uploaded to any server.

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