• Warranty Start Time

    1. If there is an activation time, start time is subject to the activation time;

    2. If there is no activation time, start time is subject to the time of purchase voucher;

    3. If both are available, whichever is earlier;

    4. If neither, use the serial number to find out the factory date then add 90 days;

    5. If none of the above information can be provided, no warranty is provided.

    *Special Instructions

    (a) Description of activation and receipt time: Calculation will start at 0:00 a.m. the day after activation or receipt.

    (b) For non-complete machine purchase accessories, the time of purchase voucher shall prevail.

  • Proof of purchase

    1. Purchase invoice, valid voucher;

    2. Online channel order information and valid vouchers;

    3. The small ticket printed by the machine is invalid.

  • Warranty Period

    After-sales TypeDetailThe following conditions do not meet the return and exchange conditions


    Within 7 calendar days of product purchase:

    1. The product packaging, accessories, gifts, manuals are complete, and there is no artificial damage, and it is not activated for use, which does not affect the second sale;

    2. After the product is activated, there is a performance failure that is not artificially damaged.

    ×The request for return is made more than 7 (15) calendar days from the date of receipt;

    ×Returned goods are incomplete, the outer packaging, accessories, gifts, and manuals are incomplete, or the appearance is artificially damaged;

    ×When returning the goods, it is impossible to provide legal proof of purchase or receipts, or to forge or alter the receipts;

    ×Product quality problems caused by collisions and burns that are not caused by quality problems of the product itself, as well as product quality problems caused by unauthorized modification, foreign objects (water, oil, sand, etc.), improper installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instructions in the manual;

    ×Torn or altered labels, machine serial numbers, waterproof marks, anti-counterfeit marks, etc.;

    ×Products damaged by force caused by unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accidents, etc.;

    ×After contacting Autel Robotics customer service to confirm the return service, the corresponding item was not sent within 7 days.

    ×Other circumstances described in the policy.


    Within 15 calendar days of product purchase:

    1. There is a performance failure that is not artificially damaged, and the machine is disassembled without permission;

    2. During transportation, the product was damaged, and the transportation company provided proof of damage.


    1. In order to be covered by the warranty, the performance failure must be caused by a non-human error, and the purchased aircraft must be within the warranty period;

    2. Any unauthorized dissassembly or modification of the aircraft with outside vendor parts will void the warranty;

    3. Please provide valid proof of purchase, such as a bill or receipt.

    ×A collision or burn accident occurred due to man-made non-product quality problems;

    ×Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or opening of the shell under the guidance of an unofficial manual;

    ×Damage or water ingress caused by incorrect installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instructions of the manual;

    ×In the absence of official instructions, the customer repairs the damage caused by the assembly by himself;

    ×Damage caused by circuit modification guided by unofficial manuals, or improper matching and use of battery packs and chargers;

    ×All damages caused by flying and shooting that are not operated in accordance with the product manual;

    ×Damage caused by manipulation in harsh environments, such as strong wind, rain, sand, etc.;

    ×Damage caused by manipulation in a complex electromagnetic environment or a strong interference source environment, such as mining areas, transmission towers, high-voltage lines, substations, etc.;

    ×Damage caused by manipulation in the case of mutual interference with other wireless devices, such as transmitter, image transmission signal, WiFi signal interference, etc.;

    ×Damage caused by take-off when the weight exceeds the safe take-off weight;

    ×Damage caused by forced flight when parts are aged or damaged;

    ×Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when used simultaneously with third-party components not certified by Autel Robotics;

    ×Damage caused by insufficient discharge when the battery is insufficient, or the use of a battery with quality problems;

    ×The machine serial number, factory label and other signs are torn or altered;

    ×After contacting Autel Robotics customer service to confirm the warranty service, the corresponding item was not sent within 7 calendar days.

  • Aircraft parts warranty period (months)

    Main components:(months)
    PTZ + Camera12
    Visual Positioning Module12
    Remote Control12
    Battery6 months or 200 cycles, whichever comes first
  • Service Area

    For users who purchase products through Autel Robotics' official authorized channels under normal use, Autel guarentees that the purchased product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty period of this product starts the day after you receive the goods. If you cannot provide valid evidence such as a purchase invoice, the warranty start date will be extended 90 days from the factory date shown on the device.

  • Disclaimer

    1. Autel Robotics is not responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data contained in the product, including confidential information, proprietary information, or personal information;

    2. Autel Robotics is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by its products when users do not comply with the "Guidelines for Product Use Manual" and "Safety Flying Drone Clause," including property damage and personal injury;

    3. For cases where the user cannot provide the corresponding flight records or flight data (for example: the user does not use the app to fly and the aircraft is lost, and the flight records and flight data cannot be provided), Autel Robotics reserves the right to deny free after-sales service.