How to calibrate the aircraft’s compass

Before flying in a new location, we recommended that you calibrate the compass on your aircraft.

  1. When calibrating the compass, remember:
    • Always perform the compass calibration outdoors.
    • Stay clear of any magnetic interference such as power lines or steel reinforced concrete.
    • Move to a new area if the aircraft displays a magnetic interference message.
  2. Power on your aircraft and remote controller.
    drone power button
    Press and hold the power button on the battery for 3 seconds to power on the drone
    remote power button
    Press and hold the power button on the remote for 3 seconds to power on the remote.
  3. Connect to the Starlink App (X‑Star, X‑Star Premium).
  4. Open the Starlink app on your mobile device, then tap Settings > Flight Control Settings > Compass Calibration > Calibrate.
    Once the calibration process is initiated, you will see the four LEDs on the drone flash yellow.

    If you prefer, you can choose start the calibration process with the remote controller instead of the Starlink app. Proceed to Step 5.

    Press and hold the Takeoff/Land button takeoff/land icon and Home button go home iconsimultaneously for 3 seconds.
  5. Hold the aircraft by its arms (not the landing gear), and rotate your body and aircraft 360° horizontally. The four LEDs on the aircraft will flash yellow during the process, and then will flash green when the calibration is successful.
  6. Turn the aircraft 90° so the battery is facing up. Repeat the 360° rotation, this time holding the aircraft with the battery facing up. When calibration is successful, the app will alert you, and the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid green for five seconds before returning to normal indicating mode.

If the calibration is unsuccessful, the four LEDs on the aircraft will turn solid yellow. Start the compass calibration again at Step 1.

If the compass calibration repeatedly fails, please contact our customer support department.

WARNING: If severe drifting occurs during flight or the aircraft seems unstable for any reason, please land immediately and perform another compass calibration.