How to calibrate the remote controller

  1. Open the Starlink app and tap Start.
    home screen
  2. Tap the small RC transmitter symbol located near the status bar.
  3. Tap RC Calibration.
    Starlink App Remote Control Settings
  4. Release both command sticks and the Gimbal Pitch Dial to the central position. The three centered circles on the RC calibration screen will be highlighted successively. Tap Start to begin calibration.
  5. Push both command sticks outwards in all four directions, holding for 2 seconds in each direction.
  6. Turn the Gimbal Pitch Dial clockwise and counterclockwise to its two ends and hold for 2 seconds at each end. All the bars on the screen will be fully highlighted when the calibration is completed. Tap Complete to finish.

    If you prefer, you can quickly access RC calibration by pressing and holding the Power powerbutton_icon and Take Off go-home-btn-icon buttons together for 3 seconds instead of navigating there with the Starlink app.
    rc_shortcut_power takeoff

NOTE: If the remote controller calibration repeatedly fails, please contact our customer support department.