Customer Service

This section contains information regarding technical support, repair service, and application for replacements or optional parts.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, contact us by:

• Telephone: (844) 692-8835 (U.S.A.)

• Email: support@autelrobotics.com

• In person: Local distributors or agents

Repair Service

If it is necessary to return your device for repair, fill in and submit the repair service form on https://www.autelrobotics.com.

The following information is required:

• Contact name

• Email address

• Mailing address

• Telephone number

• Product name

• Complete description of the problem with photo attachments

• For warranty repairs: Proof-of-purchase

• For non-warranty repairs: Preferred method of payment.

Autel Robotics’ support team will review your application within 72 hours after receiving your application. After a preliminary evaluation of the problem, our customer support will contact you for further updates or follow-ups.