Maintenance and Service

Firmware Upgrade

To optimize the performance of your EVO, firmware update will be provided on a regular basis. You can download the latest firmware (Flight Control, Gimbal, Camera, Remote Controller, etc.) in one package from our official website. When a firmware update is available, you will be prompted by the app once it is connected to the aircraft.


Before updating, make sure:

• The four motors have stopped completely.

• The battery level of both your aircraft and remote controller is not less than 25%.

• There is sufficient space on your camera’s SD card to store the firmware file.

Download and upgrade the firmware

1. Download the all-in-one firmware upgrade package (with a .zip file extension) from Autel Robotics’ official website: www.autelrobotics.com.

2. Insert the SD card into your computer and extract the downloaded file (into a .bin file extension) into your SD card. Then remove your SD card from the computer.

3. Insert the SD card into the aircraft to start the upgrade process automatically. You can check the real-time upgrade status displayed on the Flight Information Panel.

4. Turn on the remote controller and aircraft.

5. Reboot the remote controller and aircraft before use


• The upgrade process takes about 15 minutes. Do not turn off the aircraft or remote controller or remove your SD card from the camera during the process. Do not start the motors.

• After upgrading, the remote controller may be disconnected from the aircraft, and you may need to pair the devices again.

Storage and Maintenance Instructions

To ensure optimum performance of the product, we suggest you read and follow the maintenance instructions in this section carefully.

• Keep the devices in a clean, dry and ventilated environment within normal operating temperatures.

• Keep the devices out of sunlight when not in use.

• Dry your hands before using the devices.

• Use a soft cloth with alcohol or a mild window cleaner to clean the lens of the camera, instead of any rough cleansers, detergent or chemicals.

• Ensure that the battery charger does not contact with conductive materials.

• Avoid dropping your devices, especially on a hard surface. Check it in detail after any crash or impact, and contact an Autel Robotics agent in time if you have any problem.

• Only use the battery chargers or other accessories authorized by Autel Robotics. Failure to do so may void the warranty.


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