Prepare for Flight

EVO is factory assembled in the package and features a user-friendly design. It is possible to open the box, pull out the aircraft and remote controller to experience immediate flight. However, reading and understanding the following instructions and warnings are essential before use, in order to operate safely

Prepare the Battery

Install the Aircraft Battery

1. Power off the aircraft battery before the installation.
2. Insert the battery into the aircraft battery compartment as shown on the right.The battery will firmly click in when it is properly installed.

Remove the Aircraft Battery

1. Power off the aircraft battery before removal.
2. Press and hold the top button () located on the battery and pull it out slowly.


The aircraft battery and remote controller can be charged simultaneously using the supplied charger. There are two connectors attached to the adapter block on the charger. The fixed one goes with the aircraft battery and the USB cable is used to charge the remote controller.

Charge the aircraft and remote controller

1. Plug the charging connector into the charging port of the aircraft battery.


IMPORTANT The aircraft battery should be fully charged before use.

2. Flip open the protector on the USB Port located on the remote controller and plug the USB charging cable into the USB port.

3. Plug the charger into a power outlet.


The Capacity Level Indicators on the aircraft battery will illuminate from left to right indicating the current battery level during the charging cycle, and will turn off when the battery is fully charged.

The Power Button () on the remote controller will turn green (when the remote controller is powered on) or solid red (when the remote controller is powered off) during charging. The charging process can be monitored on the Flight Information Panel. You will hear two beeps when the charging is completed.

4. When charging is completed, disconnect the charger and the aircraft battery/ remote controller.


• Always fly with a fully charged aircraft and remote controller battery.

• It will take approximately 80 minutes to fully charge the aircraft battery and 180 minutes to fully charge the remote controller.