How to reestablish a lost video connection on the X-Star

Losing a video connection can be solved easily.

  • Make sure your aircraft and remote controller are free from all magnetic or signal interference.
  • Reposition the antenna to be perpendicular to the drone.
  • Power the drone off, restart the app, and reconnect to the aircraft.
  • Make sure the gimbal is fully attached to the aircraft.
  • If you are using X‑Star, make sure you are connected to the X‑Star Wi‑Fi.
  • If you are using X‑Star Premium, follow the steps below.

If the X‑Star Premium video connection fails, or if any component (e.g., aircraft, gimbal, remote controller, mobile device) is replaced, follow the steps below to to reestablish the video feed between the aircraft and mobile device.

  1. Power on the aircraft, remote controller, and your mobile device.
    drone power buttonremote power button
  2. Rebind the aircraft and the remote controller if one of the devices has been replaced.
  3.  Ensure the microUSB cable (Android) or Lightning cable (iOS) is securely connected to your mobile device. If the cable looks damaged, replace it immediately.

The X‑Star Premium video feed should now be reestablished. If the process fails or is interrupted, power off all devices and start again at Step 1.

If you are having trouble, please contact our customer support department.