How to reestablish the Wi-Fi network connection with the X-Star

If the X‑Star Wi‑Fi network connection fails, or if any device (e.g., aircraft, gimbal, remote controller, mobile device) is replaced, you will need to reestablish the X‑Star Wi‑Fi network.

  1. Power on the aircraft, remote controller, and mobile device.
    drone power buttonremote power button
  2. Rebind the aircraft and the remote controller, if one of the devices has been replaced.
  3. Enable the Wi‑Fi connection on your mobile device and select the X‑Star Wi‑Fi network. The default Wi‑Fi password is 99999999 (eight 9’s).

    For Android


    For iPhone

  4. The X‑Star Wi‑Fi network should now be re-established. If the process fails or is interrupted, power off all devices and start again at Step 1.
NOTE: If reestablishing the Wi‑Fi connection continuously fails, please contact our customer support department.