How do I remove and reinstall the gimbal?

The convenient Quick Mount Module for X‑Star and X‑Star Premium facilitates replacement, maintenance, and repair of the gimbal.

Please follow these instructions for the removal of the gimbal:

  1. Power off and remove the battery from the aircraft.
  2. Hold the Quick Mount Module and press the Unlock button, then slide it out towards the Unlock direction (towards the front of the aircraft).
  3. Take hold of the Quick Mount Module to remove the gimbal.

NOTE: Do not force the gimbal out without pressing the Unlock button first. Forcibly removing the gimbal may cause damage.




To reinstall the gimbal:

  1. With the aircraft battery powered off and removed, match the gimbal camera module to the quick mount base at the bottom of the aircraft.  The front of the camera should face the front of the aircraft (or away from the battery).
  2. Slide the gimbal camera module towards the rear of the aircraft. You should hear an audible click when the gimbal is properly seated.
  3. Visually check the gimbal camera module to ensure that the gap between the aircraft body and gimbal camera module is uniform.