What is Teaching mode, and how do I use it?

The X‑Star Premium can be flown in Teaching Mode, allowing the use of two remote controllers for a single drone. One controller is set as the instructor, and the other as a learner. The camera view and functions are available to both controllers, but the instructor controller’s command sticks will always override the learner’s. This is a valuable tool for training a new pilot, but it can also be used for one pilot to control the aircraft’s flight maneuvers while the other controls the camera.

You must have two controllers and a remote control trainer cable to use teaching mode.

  1. Remove the gimbal lock and power on your X‑Star and first remote controller.
  2. Connect to Starlink.
  3. Tap Start > General Settings > Remote Controller Settings and select Teaching Mode.
  4. In Teaching Mode, select “Learner.” You will hear an audible beep from the remote controller.
  5. Power off this remote controller and disconnect from Starlink.
  6. Power on the second remote controller.
  7. Press the pairing button on the side of the X‑Star for 3 seconds. The quick flashing green LED next to the button will change to a slower steady green.
  8. Press and hold the Power Power button and the Go Home btn-round-go-home   buttons on this controller to pair with the X‑Star. The rear LEDs on the X‑Star will change to solid green when complete.
  9. Connect to the Starlink App and navigate to Teaching Mode in the Remote Controller Settings (repeat STEP 3).
  10. Select “Instructor,” and listen for an audible beep from the remote controller.
  11. Power off the second remote controller.
  12. Repeat Steps 8 and 9 with the learner controller.
  13. Plug in the trainer cable to the back of the learner controller.
  14. Power on the instructor controller and plug in the other end of the trainer cable. The controller’s LCD will now display “Coach Mode.”