What do I do after a crash?

If the aircraft crashes somewhere out of sight, you can check the real-time location of the aircraft on the map in Starlink to track down where it landed.  If the communication between the aircraft and remote controller fails when the aircraft crashes, you can use the map to find its most recent location before the signal was lost. As your remote controller gets closer to the aircraft, the signal may be recovered so that you are able to see exactly where the aircraft has landed.

Upon locating your aircraft, check it over carefully for any damage. If you see any, contact customer support for further instruction. 

  • Do not use the battery if it falls off from the aircraft or crashes onto the ground.
  • Remove the battery from the aircraft immediately if the aircraft falls into water during flight. Leave the battery in an open area and keep a safe distance away until it is completely dry. Never use or charge the battery again.