What is Orbit, and how do I use it?

The autonomous Orbit flight function of the X‑Star drone allows you to capture smooth, circling video footage of a point of interest of your choosing.

  1. Prepare your X‑Star for flight and take off.
  2. Once you are hovering, tap Fly in Starlink.
  3. Tap Orbit.
  4. On right side of the screen, the orbit settings will appear.
  5. Select either Aircraft, Me, or New option and tap OK
    • Aircraft sets the POI to the current location of the X‑Star drone
    • Me sets the POI to your current location based on the GPS location of your mobile device
    • New allows you to set a custom pin on your map for the X‑Star to circle around
      • When you choose New you will be prompted to switch from your camera view to your map view. When you select a new POI, you’ll see a red pin with a star appear on the map. A green line with dashes will also appear next to the POI pin, to illustrate your current distance from it.
  6. After you make your selection, a new menu will appear. Enter your preferred values for Orbit radius, Orbit lap(s), direction, and instruction for what the drone should do upon completion. NOTE: The minimum radius for an orbit is 33 feet and the maximum distance for an orbit is 328 feet. Be sure you have plenty of clearance based on the radius limit you set.
  7. Tap Start. The X‑Star will fly backwards in order to reach the radius distance you selected, and then begin its path around the POI.
  8. Let the orbit complete autonomously, or tap the double arrows at the top of the Orbit menu to open advanced controls.

Advanced orbit settings

By default, the X‑Star will point towards the POI, but by using the left stick we can rotate the aircraft in any direction and adjust our altitude up or down. Now, swipe at the top of the screen to see the control options for the right stick. Pushing up on the right stick will increase the radius of the orbit, and pulling down will decrease the radius. If the X‑Star is flying clockwise, pushing right on the right command stick will increase the speed. The wider the radius, the faster the top speed can be.

If you’re flying clockwise and push left on the right command stick, the X‑Star will slow down. If you keep pushing left, the X‑Star will then start to head in a counterclockwise orbit. Remember these settings are based off the default mode 2 command stick settings.

At any point during the auto piloted orbit, you can tap the “Hide” button at the top of the menu to close this menu and access other features of your X‑Star, like camera settings. To get back to the Orbit menu, just tap on the “Fly” icon again.