How will I know when the X-Star battery is getting low?

There are two ways to monitor the aircraft battery level during aircraft operation.

  1. In the Starlink app, the remaining battery percentage level and flight time is displayed in the telemetry banner located across the top of the screen.
  2. There are 4 green LED indicators on the face of the battery (rear of the aircraft). Each solid LED represents 25% of battery life.

Any time your aircraft’s remaining battery level reaches 25% (the low battery warning level), the fail-safe will be activated, and your aircraft will automatically begin the Go Home process.

When the X‑Star battery level falls below 10%, the remote controller will beep, and the warning “low battery“ will display on the screen. When the X‑Star battery level falls below 5%, the indicator lights will turn solid yellow while the beeping and warning message continue.