EVO Max Series FAQ

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  • Does the EVO Max Series enable Night Obstacle Avoidance and Water Surface Obstacle Avoidance ?

    Yes, the millimeter-wave radar mounted on the aircraft accomplishes Night Obstacle Avoidance and Water Surface Obstacle Avoidance.

  • What's the difference between the 4D mode and 3D mode of the EVO Max Series millimeter wave radar?

    Under 4D mode, the radar can detect objects from four sections, namely distance, speed, Yaw Angle and Pitch Angle, and the speed range is ± 60m/s. Under 3D mode, the radar can detect objects from three sections, namely distance, speed and Yaw Angle, and the range of speed is ± 28m/s.

  • Does the EVO Max Series dust and water resistant?

    Yes, the EVO Max series is IP43 rated. However, the aircraft will become less waterproof after long-term use.

  • What are the updates to SkyLink 3.0 compared with SkyLink 2.0?

    With a further transmission range of 20 kilometers, more frequency bands are supported (2.4/5.2/5.8Ghz/900Mhz), and more resistance to RF interference.

  • What is the major difference between EVO Max 4N and EVO Max 4T?

    EVO Max 4N supports starlight camera for better night shots, while EVO Max 4T supports 10x zoom camera.

  • Can I fly the aircraft indoors?

    It is not recommended.

  • Will the aircraft fall off if the GPS system fails?

    No, the aircraft will hover or return.

  • What are the precautions for daily use?

    Before takeoff, check the tightness of the propeller. When idle, turn off the power switch of the aircraft to prevent misoperations. Besides, store the aircraft in an aircraft box.

  • What's the maximum flight time of EVO Max Series?

    The maximum flight time is 42 mins (without payload).

Remote controller

  • Can the remote controller of EVO Max 4N be used for EVO Max 4T and the EVO II series?

    Yes, but corresponding firmware and apps need to be used together.

  • What happens if the GPS system on an aircraft fails? Will it continue the missions preset on the remote controller?

    In case of disconnection, the aircraft will return to the home point by default, or you can change the settings through the remote controller to complete the preset missions.

  • Is 4G supported for image transmission?

    Currently no. This function is to be supported by adding a 4G module.

  • What's the built-in storage space?

    The built-in storage is 128GB, but it does not support external SD card expansion storage.

  • Does the remote controller support HDMI output?

    Yes, it does.

  • What's the working time?

    About 2.5 hours (Max. Brightness)

    About 4.5 hours (50% Brightness)

  • How long it takes to charge the remote controller?

    About 2 hours.

  • How to place its antenna?

    Align the antenna's flat wide surface with the aircraft.

  • How many frequencies does the remote controller support?

    902-928MHz (FCC)


    5.150 - 5.250GHz (FCC, CE, UKCA)

    5.725-5.850GHz (Non- Japan)

    5.650-5.755GHz (Japan Only)

    *Operating frequency varies by country and model.

  • What's the transmission range between remote controller and aircraft?

    In an open environment without interference, the transmission range is 12.4 miles/20km FCC, 4.3 miles/7km CE.

  • How many interfaces does the remote controller have?

    The remote controller top has 1 Type-C, 1 HDMI and 1 USB-A for connecting external devices or charging.

  • Does the remote controller have custom buttons?

    The remote controller designed with 2 customizable buttons at the top, which enables the customized functions to be set through the APP, so as to realize the quick control of the drone.

  • What remote controller comes standard with the EVO Max Series?

    The EVO Max Series comes standard with the Autel Smart Controller V3, which features a 7.9-inch retina touch screen with original color display with a resolution of 2048x1536 and a maximum brightness of 2000nit, four times that of regular mobile devices.


  • What factors will affect the temperature measurement accuracy of the EVO Max Series?

    1. Atmospheric influence: the higher the temperature and the humidity of the atmosphere, the greater the error of temperature measurement.

    2. The distance between the camera and the object to be measured: the farther the distance is, the greater the temperature measurement error.

    3. Object emissivity and background temperature: when the surface emissivity of the measured object is low, the background temperature is high, it will cause a large temperature measurement error.

  • Does the EVO Max Series support temperature measurement?

    Yes, it does and equipped with the temperature analysis tool - IR PC TOOL.

  • What types of shooting formats does the camera support?

    Photo Format: JPG/HELF/IRG

    Video Format: MOV/MP4

  • What sensor does the EVO Max 4T payload come with?

    Wide camera, zoom camera, thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder.

  • What payloads are supported?

    Camera: 4N, 4T

    Other: RTK, spotlight, speaker

  • Can the payload be replaced?

    Yes. The modular design enables payload replacement.


  • Can batteries be carried on the plane?

    The battery capacity is 120Wh and can be carried while it can't be checked according to airline requirements.

  • How does the battery self-heating work?

    If the battery temperature is lower than 10°C after battery inserted into the aircraft and activated, the battery self-heating will be triggered and it will be deactivated automatically once the aircraft took off. Please note that when the battery temperature is lower than -10°C, the aircraft will not be allowed to take off. It is recommended to operate the aircraft once self-heating completed.

  • How does the battery self-discharge work?

    If the battery is stored at a high temperature or out of use for 6 days with high battery level, the self-discharge will be activated to automatically discharge the battery to a safe level. This is the default setting, and the discharge process takes 2-3 days. It is normal that there is no any battery indicator and the battery is slightly hot during the self-discharge process.

  • Can I use the batteries of EVO Max 4N for EVO Max 4T, or the other way around?


  • Are the batteries hot swappable?


  • What is the capacity and energy of a single battery?

    The capacity is 8070mAh and the energy is 120Wh.


  • What software is supported?

    Autel Enterprise only currently.


  • What scenarios can EVO Max 4N apply to?

    EVO Max 4N excels in night missions, covering rescue and search, power inspection, and law enforcement, to satisfy data collection needs in low-light environments and ensure high mission stability and efficiency.

  • Which industries can it be applied to?

    It can be used in many fields, such as law enforcement, power inspection, emergency rescue, construction inspection, etc., to satisfy the data collection in daily work and complete the task stably and efficiently.