Dragonfish Repeater

Dragonfish Repeater

Dragonfish Repeater FAQ

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  • What is the maximal bandwidth for the whole repeater chain?

    Up to 20Mbps

  • What is the working temperature?

    The working temperature is -20℃~60℃.

  • Does it need utility power introduction?

    Not necessary. The solar panel plus the integrated battery can provide the power supply without interruption.

  • What is the dust and water resistant level?

    IP55, the system can work outdoor for long term.

  • What is the maximal distance between each 2 repeater system?


  • How does 4G function work?

    The 4G modular supports remote management of the repeater system, including remote hibernation, wakeup, and status monitoring.

  • Is it a must to build a repeater network with Nest?

    Not necessary. The base station repeater can work with ground station directly.

  • What are the main parts of Dragonfish base station repeater?

    Base station, directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, solar panel, UPS and optional 4G antenna.