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  • How do I install the propeller correctly?

    The propeller with a white mark on the propeller clamp is installed on the motor with the white mark, and the propeller without the white mark on the propeller clamp is installed on the motor without the white mark.

  • Can the aircraft body be connected to a TF card?

    Yes, and the aircraft comes standard with 8GB internal memory.

  • What is the maximum wind resistance level of the EVO II?

    Level 8.

  • Is the EVO II waterproof?


  • What is the the maximum flight time of the EVO II?

    40 minutes max flight time (when flying in a steady environment).

  • What is the difference between EVO II and EVO II Pro?

    The only difference between the two products is the PTZ camera, and the rest of the performance is the same.

Remote Controller & Image Transmission

  • What should I do if the image transmission signal becomes weak during flight?

    Check your surroundings for potential interference factors and then adjust the orientation of your antennas to enhance signal strength.

  • What is the effective image transmission distance?

    Under the FCC standard, the maximum image transmission distance is 9km; under the CE standard, the maximum image transmission distance is 5 km.

  • Does the remote control have custom buttons?

    There are two customizable buttons on the back of the remote controller, and 4 functions can be customized through the APP.

  • What screen does the remote controller use?

    It uses a 3.26 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 854*480.

  • How many ports does the remote control have?

    There is a Micro USB port and a Type-A port at the bottom of the remote controller, which can be used for connecting external devices and charging.

  • Does the remote controller support HDMI output?


  • Can the remote controller of EVO II and EVO II Pro interchangeable?



  • What are the camera modes?

    Single shooting, continuous shooting, timing, pure night shooting, long exposure, HDR imaging.

  • What is the zoom range of the camera?

    1-8x zoom and 4x lossless zoom.

  • What are the advantages of the EVO II camera in shooting video?

    It can shoot 8K video with a resolution of 7680x4320 at a bit rate of 120Mbps, and supports 4K 10-bit HDR video shooting.

  • What types of shooting formats does the camera support?

    Photo format: JPEG (default) + DNG; Video format: MOV (default) + MP4.

  • What camera sensor doe thes EVO II use?

    It uses the Sony 1/2-inch CMOS image sensor with 48 effective MP.

  • Can I change the gimbal mount?



  • Can the battery be carried on board?

    A single battery contains 82Wh. According to airline requirements, the battery can be carried on board.

  • Can the battery be used in a low temperature environment?

    Using the battery in a low temperature environment may reduce the battery life. For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the battery temperature above 15 °C before flying.

  • How do I maintain the battery?

    1. Do not expose the battery to temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C, which will shorten the battery life and may cause fire, explosion or other permanent damage;

    2. Do not charge immediately after flight; it is recommended to charge the battery after it has dropped to room temperature;

    3. The ideal charging environment temperature of the battery is 10 °C~30 °C;

    4. The ideal storage environment temperature of the battery is 22 °C~28 °C. When storing, it should be waterproof and moisture-proof, and avoid sunlight;

    5. Recharge and discharge the battery every 3 months or so to keep the battery active.

Perception System

  • Can the downward fill light be turned on and off manually?

    It can be turned on or off manually, or it can be automatically turned on or off according to environmental conditions.

  • The body is equipped with and how many vision sensors?

    There are 12 in total, with two vision sensors each on the front, back, left, right, up, and down.

Firmware Upgrade

  • What circumstances may cause the upgrade to fail?

    A. If the device is turned off during the upgrade process, the upgrade will fail.

    B. If the network is interrupted while downloading the firmware package, the upgrade will fail.

    C. Only when the remaining battery power of the device is ≥ 50% can the upgrade be performed.

  • After downloading the firmware package, can I disconnect the network to upgrade?


  • How to upgrade the firmware?

    You can download the firmware package on the official website or contact certified Autel Robotics dealers to upgrade to version or above.