• What kind of product does this replacement service provide me?

    Your replacement unit will be equivalent like new in terms of performance and reliability.

  • Which parts are replaced by Autel Care Service?

    The service includes fuselage, gimbal, propellers and batteries. If the above parts of the aircraft you send back are missing, the parts are not within the replacement scope of Autel care. 

  • Where are the services of the Autel Care Standard, Autel Care Standard Extension, Autel Care Standard (2 Years) available?

    The services can be purchased by global users.

    The two-way free shipping is available in Chinese mainland, United States, and the European Union. 

    Outside these areas, customer needs to pay for one-way costs (including but not limited to taxes, logistics costs, etc.) due to transportation. When replacement is required, the customer can contact the local authorized agent/maintenance center in China, the United States and Germany for replacement service.

  • What is the difference between the Autel Care service and the official aircraft warranty?

    Autel Robotics provides consumers with warranty services that meet the requirements of regional departments or relevant laws. During the warranty period, product problems arising from product quality will be resolved by our company for free. 

    Autel Care Standard is mainly for product loss caused by normal use or accident. If you purchase the services of Autel Care Standard series and the product is under warranty repair replacement due to quality problems, it will not consume "Replacement Service Times". 

  • How long will service of Autel Care Standard, Autel Care Standard Extension, Autel Care Standard (2 Years) be effective ?

    Autel Care Standard :

    This service is valid for 12 months from the care service activation date. 

    Autel Care Standard Extension :

    The Autel Care Standard Extension will be valid for 12 months after the original insurance period expires. 

    Autel Care Standard (2 Years) :

    This service is valid for 24 months from the care service activation date. 

  • What if I want to purchase Autel Robotics Care but it has been more than 48 hours since activation?

    You can still purchase Autel Robotics Care by contacting our Customer Service team for a functional inspection. If your unit passes inspection, then you will be able to purchase Autel Care.

  • My aircraft Serial Number is changed after the replacement, will the care service coverage period be recalculated?

    In the event that the Serial Number (SN) is changed due to repair or replacement, the information will be synchronized with the system and will not have any impact on your care services.  The warranty period will not be recalculated. 

  • Can I ask for refund after buying the Autel Care?

    * For Autel Care Standard, Autel Care Standard (2 Years), Autel Care Premium, Autel Care Premium (2 Years), Autel Care Premium (3 Years) :

      The Autel Care code is not activated and the refund request is raised within 7 days from the purchase day. 

    * For Autel Care Standard Extension (2nd Year), Autel Care Premium Extension (2nd Year) : 

      The Autel Care code is not activated and the refund request is raised before the 1st year Autel Care expires.  

    * For Dragonfish Care series : 

      The Services can be returned within 2 months after purchase, if no deduction is used. In such a case, handling fees which are 10% of the price will be deducted.