Intense Training for Demanding Industries

Company News 2022-10-07
Intense Training for Demanding Industries


UTAC 2022

Our drones are used across the country by police and first responders. To help prepare them for emergency situations, we’re going to the Unmanned Tactical Application Conference for four days of intense training. This conference features scenarios meant to teach first responders how to use their unmanned systems in the most demanding environments. 

Autel will be showing off its mission-proven drones including the updated EVO II V3 and the tiltrotor Dragonfish Series. With live flight demonstrations, hands-on training, and a chance to talk with our experts, you don’t want to miss out. 

In the words of UTAC’s team, “As an attendee, you are not just an observer — you are an active participant. Experience a week of invaluable learning and hands-on technology application. UTAC is founded on three components: tactics, training, and networking.”

Training scenarios will include SWAT team operations, disaster response, and more, using a variety of air, ground, and sea UAS. 

Autel drones are already in use by police, search and rescue teams, and disaster response groups around the world. We’re looking forward to showing frontline operators how to use our drones to their fullest potential. 

We’re proud that first responders world trust our drones to make their jobs easier and safer. We’re looking forward to meeting the men and women who serve communities and training alongside them. For more information about the conference, click here, and keep an eye on our website for news about our upcoming EVO II V3 upgrade. 

Unmanned Tactical Application Conference

October 25-28, 2022

600 Perry Pkwy

Perry, GA 31069

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