Does Everything Really Look Better in 6K?

Drone Blogs 2021-08-19
Does Everything Really Look Better in 6K?


Chances are the screen you’re looking at right now doesn’t even have a 4K resolution. So why invest in a 6K drone camera when your monitor won’t be able to do it justice?

Because of those sweet, sweet pixels.

The sheer volume of additional pixels in 6K footage gives videographers a large amount of flexibility when editing a scene. With the additional pixels, they can crop an image to perfection without significant reduction in image quality or pull high-quality stills from footage that are sure to impress.

When paired with 6K’s crystal-clear sharpness, the post-editing freedom can lead to stunning videos that make you feel like you’ve been transported right to the scene. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself with these exotic videos from our “Shot on EVO II Pro” series.


Video credit: @evgeny_kozhin



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