New Tariff Policies Mean Price Increases

Company News 2022-02-15
New Tariff Policies Mean Price Increases


New firmware update for Dragonfish and Voyager App

For many of you that follow Autel Robotics closely you may have noticed that prices just shot up across most of our products, and we’re sure you are wondering why. 

The “why” is simple: tariffs. 

New changes to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US (HTSUS) effective January 27, 2022, have placed our UAS products under the tariff classification, when previously they were not. These extraordinary circumstances have forced us to increase prices for most of our products. 

The tariff is on Chinese products being shipped to the U.S. and affects a large number of products from a variety of industries, including drones. We’ve tried to keep our prices the same despite the tariffs, but in order to remain competitive in the market, we’ve had to increase pricing on our drones. 

The competing trade policies and goals have wide-reaching impacts on domestic and international economies; opinions vary on the necessity, effectiveness, and impacts of tariffs and similar taxes. The fact that this is happening on a national scale doesn’t make the price hike in our products any more convenient. 

We believe the quality of our aircraft will continue to speak for itself and keep us competitive in the drone market in the future. Our products, especially the recently-released EVO Nano and Lite Series, have been reviewed very favorably and we’re confident that their quality will still stand up against other options on the market. 

We’d like to thank our partners, customers, and loyal fans for their past, present, and future support. 

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