Dynamic Track is Here!

Drone Blogs 2022-03-29
Dynamic Track is Here!


Latest updates bring much-awaited features to our consumer series drones and Autel Sky app

We are rolling out a series of firmware updates for the Lite and Nano Series, as well as an update for the Autel Sky app. This will introduce a number of features, including Dynamic Track, Wi-Fi enabled downloading, a simplified updating program for batteries, and more. 

New Features

  • Dynamic Tracking (person only) on EVO Lite+

  1. Select Track from the camera modes in the main menu

    • The drone will automatically identify people to potentially track.

  2. Tap the + icon to select the person, and tap track to start tracking

  3. The drone will track the subject as they move


Let’s go over the update’s key features and how to set them up.

Image 1.gif

Firmware image 1.png

  • Wi-Fi fast downloading

  1. From the Image Transmission tab in the Settings menu, scroll down and select Wi-Fi Fast Transmission Switch. 

  2. After you have your images or video, go to the Album and select the lightning download icon at the top right. 

  3. Enter Wi-Fi information. The app will notify you when it is turned on. 

  4. Select pictures or video to download. 


  • Online Service Request

    • In the top right of the Account menu, users can tap the headset icon to initiate a service request.

Image 2.png

Image 3.gif

  • Histogram display

    • From the Settings menu, select the Camera tab and turn Histogram on. 

Image 4.png

Image 5.png

  • Feature to upgrade battery firmware individually

    • When the firmware update detects if only the battery firmware needs to be updated, it will automatically skip all other components, and only update the battery firmware to save upgrading time. 


  • Video support and log mode on EVO Nano+

    • Select the photo/video settings icon in the camera view. The HDR option will show up when the resolution and FPS are set correctly.

  • HDR photo can only be turned on when the resolution is 3840*2160 or less

  • HDR video can only be turned on when the resolution is 3840*2160 or less, 30fps or less

  • In order to conserve battery life, HDR mode can only be turned on while the drone is in flight.

Image 6.png

Image 7.png

To use these features, you need to upgrade the firmware to the versions below.




Previous Version

New Version















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