Autel Robotics in the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit 2022

Company News 2022-06-14
Autel Robotics in the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit 2022


Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us at the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit 2022 in Houston, TX on June 20-22, 2022. The Summit is the largest event in the world for UAV’s, Robotics, and Data/AI/ML leaders across the industry. this event will focus on the business and technology of unmanned systems, automation, data/AI in energy, and industrial operations. 

Autel Robotics will be showcasing a wide range of enterprise and consumer drones which offer professional solutions for multiple industry applications. 

Enterprise Series: Dragonfish Standard; EVO Nest; EVO II 640T Enterprise; EVO II 640T; EVO II 640R.

Consumer series: EVO Lite+; EVO II Pro.

Autel’s enterprise series of drones and accessories are their main focus for the show, especially the Dragonfish and EVO II Enterprise series. Both of these platforms have been field-tested and mission-proven in industries such as public safety, surveillance and security, emergency response, inspection, surveying, and mapping. 

Come and see us to receive exclusive brand gifts and learn how Autel Robotics will provide solutions and lead innovation across the drone industry.

Visit Autel Robotics at Energy Drone & Robotics Summit 2022:

Booth: Booth #210

Date: 20-22 June 2022

Venue: The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

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