Autel Robotics Care-Terms of Service

Autel Robotics Care-Terms of Service Autel Robotics Care-Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Thank you for purchasing the Autel Robotics Care service. Please pay attention to the following important points:

1. By purchasing Autel Robotics Care, you are acknowledging that you have fully understood and agreed to these terms of service.

2. To ensure that you can enjoy the full scope of benefits, the Autel Robotics Care version you purchase must be the same as the area where your Autel Robotics product was purchased.

3. If the Autel Robotics Care version you purchased includes a Flyaway Protection service, you must log in to your Autel Sky account before the flyaway accident occurs, and connect your mobile device to the remote controller in order to synchronize flight records. If an aircraft that has not completed the association and binding operations, or cancelled any of the operations after completion, you will not be able to apply for the related missing replacement service if there is a flyaway accident.

4. Each Autel Robotics product can only be bound to the Autel Robotics Care service once. After using the service provided by Autel Robotics, if the product's serial number (SN) is changed, the changed product will automatically be bound to the original product's Autel Robotics Care and inherit the validity period of each service and the official warranty period of the original product. Please do not repurchase Autel Robotics Care for your products.

5. The SN of Autel Robotics' products and their parts are necessary for use of Autel Robotics Care services. Please keep it in a safe place and do not disclose it to others. If the Autel Robotics product SN is stolen due to leakage, you are solely responsible for the consequences and responsibility.


I. Service Introduction

The services provided by Autel Robotics Care are provided by Autel Robotics Co., Ltd. or its designated affiliates. The following is an introduction to each service. For specific definitions, please refer to the section of service terms. The services provided by Autel Robotics for different products may be different. For details, please refer to the introduction page when purchasing Autel Robotics Care.

Product failure, damage, and flyaway replacement are hereinafter referred to as "Replacement Service". If the Autel Robotics Care product specified in this clause is damaged or lost due to normal use or accidents during the warranty period, you can obtain a fully functional product from Autel Robotics after completing the replacement service process.


II. Terms of Service

2.1 Guarantee Period
The Replacement Service's validity period lasts 12 months, calculated from 0:00 on the date stated in the Autel Robotics Care Service Agreement. During the validity period, if Autel Robotics products are damaged due to operational errors or accidents, you can use the Replacement Service after paying a certain service fee.


2.2 Replacement Service Scope

1. The Replacement Service can only be used in the country or region selected when Autel Robotics Care was purchased.

2. EVO II, EVO II Pro, EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite, EVO Lite+ (aircraft + battery + gimbal + propeller)


2.3 Guarantee Times


Service Content

Validity Period

Replacement Service

2 times, of which the Flyaway Replacement is limited to 1 time

12 months

For services with a limited number of guarantees, the number of guarantees will be deducted once after use. After the service is completed, the machine will automatically bind the original product's Autel Robotics Care and follow the original product's warranty period. You can check the remaining times of guarantees through Autel Robotics' official website service/support (Autel Robotics Care) query page.


2.4 Scenarios Not Covered by the Replacement Service Guarantee

All services do not guarantee the following losses, expenses and liabilities:

(1) The replacement application date exceeds the validity period of the replacement service;

(2) Product components outside the guarantee scope of components replacement;

(3) Product damage caused by the simultaneous use of non-Autel Robotics products or third-party parts and software that are not certified by Autel Robotics;

(4) Part or all of the replacement parts within the scope of product guarantee are missing;

(5) Replacement parts within the scope of product guarantee are stolen, robbed, or discarded;

(6) Damage caused by flying under unsuitable conditions;

(7) Product damage caused by deliberate actions;

(8) Product damage caused by natural disasters, wars, military operations, riots, coups, terrorism, etc.;

(9) Additional parts needed to improve, such as parts to improve technical standards and performance;

(10) Product damage caused by personal modifications that did not follow the official instructions of Autel Robotics.


Replacement Process

Step 1. Contact your local official Autel Robotics customer service center

Step 2. Send back the damaged aircraft + gimbal + battery

Step 3. After receiving confirmation from an Autel Robotics official, you may use the Replacement Service


Replacement Service Fee

1. Replacement Fee: Replacement fee is required to use the Replacement Service.

2. Logistics and Other Charges.

1) The Replacement Service can only be used in the country or region where the Autel Robotics version was selected at the time of purchase ("Service Area"), and the logistics costs incurred in both directions within the Service Area will be borne by Autel Robotics.

2) If you use the Replacement Service in a Service Area, Autel Robotics will bear the round-trip logistics costs. If you are outside the Service Area, then cross-regional postage, taxes and other costs not agreed upon in this service agreement will be borne by you. If the above conditions are not met, Autel Robotics reserves the right to refuse to provide replacement services.

3) Do not send back components or products other than those covered by the Terms of Service, including remote controllers, bundle batteries, separately purchased batteries, other Autel Robotics accessories or third party accessories. You are responsible for any costs associated with sending back such parts.


Privacy Policy

1. Please go to the Autel Robotics After-Sales Policy page and read the Autel Robotics Privacy Policy carefully before requesting replacement service. By requesting replacement service, you agree that you have read, agree to and comply with this Privacy Policy and authorize the provision of your name, email, address, phone number, fax number, and ID number (if applicable) to Autel Robotics in order for Autel Robotics to contact you, confirm your identity, and provide replacement service.

2. Please back up your personal information before sending your product. By requesting Replacement Services, you agree to Autel Robotics deleting all data automatically recorded in the returned product.

If you request a Replacement Service, please do not send back a memory card (SD Card). Autel Robotics is not responsible for any loss or damage to the information on the memory card caused by the return of the above mentioned parts.


Autel Robotics Care Replacement Service Termination

The Replacement Service is terminated if any of the following circumstances apply.

1. The agreed expiration date of the replacement service has been reached.

2. The replacement service has been used twice.


The Autel Robotics Care service is terminated if any of the following circumstances applies:

1. Repair and/or gimbal replacement by a service point not officially designated by Autel Robotics.

2. Intentional damage to Autel Robotics products bound by Autel Robotics Care. Then the service plan is automatically terminated and Autel Robotics will not refund the service purchase and replacement fees paid. Autel Robotics reserves the right to hold the user legally responsible for any act that involves improper benefits by creating an accident.

3. The product for which the service is requested is not purchased by Autel Robotics or officially authorized channels.

4. The Autel Robotics Care version is not consistent with the purchase region of the machine product.

5. The user voluntarily applies for withdrawal from Autel Robotics Care service and is confirmed by Autel Robotics.