Dragonfish Nest

Dragonfish Nest

Dragonfish Nest FAQ

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  • Does Dragonfish Nest support SDK development?

    Yes, It supports.

  • Is it necessary to install an additional antenna for Dragonfish Nest?

    Yes, antenna is included in the accessories.

  • Is it necessary to install an additional meteorological station for Dragonfish Nest?

    Yes, meteorological station is included in the accessories.

  • Is it necessary to install an additional RTK Base Station for Dragonfish Nest?

    Yes, RTK base station is included in the accessories.

  • What's the interval between single operations of Dragonfish Nest?

    Autonomous battery change mode enables enables 10 minutes battery change and takeoff.

  • Does it support taking off and landing in different Dragonfish Nest in one sortie?

    Yes, It supports.

  • How to install and deploy Dragonfish Nest?

    Choose a flat, open and non-disturbing environment for deployment;
    For details, refer to the Dragonfish Nest Quick Guide _V1.0.

  • What requirements for network bandwidth does Dragonfish Nest have?

    It's recommended that the upload and download rate of network bandwidth be no less than 10Mbps.

  • How does Dragonfish Nest access the network?

    Ethernet, Optical fiber (customized), 4G, 5G (customized)

  • Does Dragonfish Nest support movement during operations?

    currently no, but you can change the Dragonfish Nest location when the drone is not operating, and you can operate again after redeployed.

  • Whether the Dragonfish Nest is dustproof and waterproof?

    Yes, The protection level is IP54.

  • Which aircrafts are compatible with Dragonfish Nest?

    Dragonfish Nest is compatible with the Dragonfish Lite and Dragonfish standard.