Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your aircraft support to unlock the NO FLY ZONE

    Models of Nano,Lite; EVO II series products in Autel Robotics are all being supported.

  • How can I unlock the NO FLY ZONE

    Please visit below official website to complete the application to unlock the restriction.

  • My aircraft cannot fly in restriction zone after I submitted NFZ application.

    1. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours after the submission. Restriction unlock will be done within 48 hours if the request gets approved.

    2. Please make sure your aircraft is in GPS mode when flying. 

    3. Please check the map in your Autel APP to see whether the current location is in UNLOCK zone.

  • Does your drone support live broadcast (RTMP)?

    EVO II series drones are compatible with RTMP function in Explorer App.

  • Which remote live streaming platforms does Autel Explorer APP support?

    Platforms that support RTMP live streaming (you can contact the staff of the corresponding live feed platform to confirm whether the platform supports RTMP live streaming)

  • How to use the Live in Autel Explorer APP

    Find the Live section in the settings, turn on the Live switch, and paste in the RTMP address obtained from the live feed platform into the "RTMP address"

  • Whether the obstacle avoidance is effective when “Return to Home” is triggered?

    In the environment where visual sight and the ambient light is in good condition, the obstacle avoidance takes effect when “Return to Home” is on.

  • Whether the obstacle avoidance still works when it was turned off and the “Return to Home” is on?

    The obstacle avoidance, which will turn on when “Return to Home” is triggered, takes effect in the environment where visual sight and the ambient light is in good condition.  

  • Does Autel aircraft support multiple control?

    Autel aircraft does not support multiple control.

  • Can I log out the APP during the firmware upgrade process?

    No, it will cause upgrading failure

  • What can I do when firmware version upgrade fails?

    Go to Autel official website or contact Autel support to get the firmware file and upgrade via the aircraft SD card.

  • What to do if the firmware upgrade is stuck at 99%?

    When the firmware upgrade progress is stuck at 99%, please wait for around 2 minutes and restart the aircraft and remote controller. Then check whether the upgrading will be completed.

  • Why my Autel Smart Controller does not have the pushing notice of the firmware version upgrade?

    Please make sure the Smart Controller is connected with network and upgrade the APP to the latest version. Restart the APP to see if there is the pushing notice.

  • I can not activate my Autel Care.

    Please ensure your drone is meet with Autel Care activation condition. (Serial number and service key is different.Please distinguish between the number 0 and letter O.)

  • Am i going to use my real-name for registration?

    Please follow your local policy to register the drones.

  • Can I use the same account to log in Autel Sky and Autel Explorer ?

    Yes, you can use the same account. 

  • How to get the shooting raw files?

    For Nano and Lite series, you can fast download the shooting raw files via WIFI. 

    For EVO II series, you will need to use a data cable to connect the aircraft and get them.

  • Can I shoot a picture while recording a video ?

    Yes, it is supported in Nano and Lite series, while EVO II series do not support.

  • Can I use the aircraft to do the audio recording?

    The aircraft does not support the audio recording.