Scalable Security And Premise Management

Public security meets innovation, facilitating a digital and intelligent transformation in management

Scalable Security and Premise Management

Public security meets innovation, facilitating a digital and intelligent transformation in management

Send drones 24/7 to regularly inspect areas with high rates of public safety incidents and key locations where people gather. Quickly gain an understanding of the situation on the ground through the command center, solving issues of high security pressure, low patrol efficiency, and difficulty in obtaining evidence. Ensure that personnel on-site and the command center information are in sync, reducing the cost of front-to-back communication. Facilitate the rapid collection of evidence for safety incidents and promote the digital and intelligent transformation of security management.

  • High Security Pressure

    Important activities and large-scale events have a great impact, risk factors are often highly concealed, and security plans can struggle to cover every base.

  • Low Patrol Efficiency

    Fixed cameras and manual patrols have problems such as unclear, incomplete, invisible, and low efficiency, and it is often near-impossible to remove all blind spots.

  • Unified Command Trouble

    There are many public security emergencies and complex scenarios, and it is difficult for law enforcement officers to synchronize information, command and cooperate, and often are at risk.

  • High-definition Aerial Images

    12 million pixels wide-angle field of view can support large-scale monitoring of aircraft hovering in the air. 50 times visible light optical zoom, 1280×1024 thermal imaging, three-axis stabilized gimbal, flexible viewing angles, stable imaging, accurate grasp of any gathering and status of on-site personnel and the event generally. Use of spotlights for auxiliary lighting at night.

  • 3D Panoramic Automatic Patrol

    Record flight trajectories, use Autel Mapper to generate routes based on 3D real scene modeling, realize automatic, high-frequency, all-weather air patrol of urban environments including buildings, and make up for dead spots in monitoring. One drone can typically replace the manpower of three police officers and one police car, integrating both the air and ground into one unit, easily control a situation.

  • Unified Remote Control Command

    AI can lock and dynamically track the activities of people and vehicles, can mount speakers at high altitudes, make mounted spotlights to illuminate emergencies at night, real-time image transmission, Information share with on-the-ground forces, contactless communication, and guidance for evacuation of masses. Key areas can be monitored by hovering, integrated easily into police command and dispatch system, on-site/rear video intercom, text dialogue, and ultimately unified coordination.