Substation Inspection

AI situational awareness drives an intelligent transformation of power substations

Substation Inspection

AI situational awareness drives an intelligent transformation of power substations

Considering high equipment density, complex spatial arrangements, and many possible faulty modules in any substation, multi-rotor UAVs can be used to construct a 2D map and 3D model of a substation with high precision, and the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance technology is applied to conduct refined 3D exploration, quickly identifying and locating faults. Through realizing three-dimensional inspections, unmanned substations can deploy Autel nests, remotely dispatching and completing tasks through the SkyCommand Center, and performing real-time detection and situation awareness to identify and solve problems before they become larger. Easily view equipment appearance, oil level, and temperature, driving an intelligent transformation of substation inspection and management, not to mention future fault research and judgement, and defect elimination tracking.

  • Low Depth

    Traditional inspections are limited by distance and camera clarity, and have weak situational awareness of equipment defects, requiring a higher inspection depth.

  • Flying Difficulties

    There are many intervals in the station, high equipment density, complex spatial arrangement, and many obstacles, making it difficult for drones to fly autonomously.

  • Unmanned Substation Inspection

    Unmanned substations are usually located in remote areas, and personnel are regularly sent to the site for inspections, and commuting is time-consuming and laborious.

  • Lack Of Visual Management

    Existing inspections are usually marked with tables and texts, and inspection route planning and closed-loop tracking for defect elimination are not intuitive enough.

  • Intelligent Modeling And Classification

    Using professional modeling software, Autel Mapper can carry out high-precision reconstruction of a 2D/3D model of a substation, performing partition display and batch management based on voltage level, geographical location, and various other operations.

  • All-round Autonomous, Three-Dimensional Inspection

    Based on Autel's self-developed autonomous technology, the flying platform independently conducts 3D exploration based on omnidirectional obstacle avoidance capabilities, and can quickly discover and locate faults at various levels in the substation, realizing three-dimensional inspection.

  • Remote Inspection Of Unmanned Stations

    Through Autel SkyCommand Center, inspection tasks can be issued remotely to EVO Nests, with drones able to remotely be dispatched and take off and land on their own, recharging or replacing batteries, performing flight tasks, automating and further innovating substation inspections.

  • Dual-light AI Analysis

    Equipped with a three-axis stabilized gimbal, equipped with high-definition visible light + 640x512 pixel thermal imaging dual-light lens, the image is sent back to Autel SkyCommand Center, and AI then identifies the appearance, oil level, oil temperature, and respirator of the primary and secondary equipment in the substation, as well as general status and any abnormal issues.

  • Automatic Inspection Reports

    After the inspection is completed, Autel SkyCommand Center will automatically generate a complete in-station inspection report, including inspection time, inspection route, covered equipment, and equipment parameter values, etc., listing abnormal equipment, descriptions, and corresponding images.