Autel Robotics Care

Autel Robotics provides consumers with quality assurance services that meet the requirements of regional laws and regulations. During the warranty period, our company provides free quality assurance for problems caused by product quality defects. Autel Robotics Care is mainly for damage that occurs accidentally under normal use.

Note: Autel Robotics Care is currently only available in United States and Canada.

*For other regions, please contact Autel Robotics' authorized channels or stores for more information.

Flyaway Protection

With Autel Robotics Care, if your aircraft flies away, gets disconnected, or goes missing, you will need to synchronize flight records in AUTEL SKY APP, confirm the flyaway with Autel Robotics Support, and pay the corresponding replacement fee to get a replacement unit.

*Flyaway Protection is only available for EVO Lite and EVO Nano Series.

Two-Way Free Shipping

Autel Robotics Care provides you with free shipping and delivery services that are efficient and hassle free.

Water Damage Protection

Autel Robotics Care offers water damage protection so you can fly confidently near mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas. The aircraft will be replaced if it is damaged by water.

Faster Turnaround

Autel Robotics Care allows users to skip lengthy damage assessments, maintenance processes, and flight tests. Replacement aircrafts are issued immediately after receiving damaged units, greatly reducing waiting times.

Supported Models

  • EVO Nano

    Retail Price$69
    First Replacement$69
    Second Replacement$79
    Flyaway Protection$319
  • EVO Nano+

    Retail Price$79
    First Replacement$79
    Second Replacement$99
    Flyaway Protection$399
  • EVO Lite

    Retail Price$139
    First Replacement$139
    Second Replacement$149
    Flyaway Protection$549
  • EVO Lite+

    Retail Price$149
    First Replacement$149
    Second Replacement$159
    Flyaway Protection$599
  • EVO II

    Autel Robotics Care$179
    First Replacement$159
    Second Replacement$179
  • EVO II Pro

    Autel Robotics Care$189
    First Replacement$169
    Second Replacement$199
*Please make sure that your aircraft meets the following conditions before purchasing Autel Robotics Care: The new aircraft is not activated; The aircraft is activated within 48 hours.

Damage Replacement Process

  • Accident Happened

  • Contact Autel Robotics

    Service Team

  • Send Back for Testing

  • d0819a0bb7b989e7f2796f4aab955e0.png

    Pay Replacement Fee

  • Product Delivery

Flyaway Replacement Process

  • Synchronize Flight Log

  • Contact Autel Robotics

    Service Team

  • Successful Authentication

  • d0819a0bb7b989e7f2796f4aab955e0.png

    Pay Flyaway Replacement Fee

  • Product Delivery