Spatial Planning Solutions

Accurate digital recreation of environments, allowing for intuitive regional planning

Spatial Planning Solutions

Accurate digital recreation of environments, allowing for intuitive regional planning

As the US urban areas continue to expand, the need for efficient and accurate land and space governance is becoming increasingly important. To meet this need, multi-rotor UAVs can be used to collect high-resolution photos and generate 2D and 3D models. With a mechanical shutter, high-pixel camera, and free image control, drones can provide a comprehensive visual basis for the rational layout of urban buildings and the comprehensive deployment of engineering construction. With 83% of the population living in urban areas, and a predicted increase of up to 89% by 2050, it is inevitable that city centres will need to harness new tools and innovate the development process of cities. Drone solutions can provide governments and urban planners with new tools and ways to develop cities, including managing areas safely and sustainably, conducting land surveys, mapping and more.

  • Limited Information Sources

    Traditional map displays are not intuitive and complex GIS analysis cannot be completed, resulting in incomplete planning.

  • Large Picture Discrepancies

    BIM design drawings, satellite images and real-world models can differ greatly, and accurate matching cannot be performed.

  • Heavy Workload

    There are many types of infrastructure such as water conservancy, bridges, and highways, with construction time often spanning over a long period. On-site measurement can become difficult when project workloads are heavy, and spatial data requires time, which can prove to be an issue.

  • Slow Turnaround

    Traditional topographic maps take a long time to draw and have low resolution, making it difficult to intuitively grasp key information such as topography, landforms, and land attachments.

  • Scalable, Rich Routing Functions

    All aircraft can achieve image control-free accuracy, satisfying 2D photography, oblique photography, elevation route planning, and route simulation functions, and support offline map planning, which effectively improves acquisition efficiency, flight safety and mold release quality.

  • Highly Efficient Modeling

    Autel Mapper can quickly generate a high-precision 2D and 3D model with coordinates from collected photos, which can then easily be combined with the BIM model to visually display plans.

  • High-Precision Dimension Measurements

    The measurement of position point, distance, area and volume utilizing 2D and 3D models, with high precision and small errors.

  • Cross-Functional Results

    The 3D results processed by Autel Mapper are perfectly compatible with other GIS systems in full HD.